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Charge your car Offer a charging point


Power up your EV in a tap using our international network. Simple registration, easy operation, safe payments.


Enjoy our modern, fast and reliable charging points. And charge your electric city car in less than 1 hour.


Charge your car wherever you go and preserve your battery life. Plug at office, at the supermarket or at your hotel while you travel.

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All the power you need. In a tap.

Chargeee app have got your trips covered. Join our international network in a tap and charge your car wherever you go.

Soon available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

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  • It has never been easier

    Chargeee is easy and convenient. We take care of everything, from user registration and identification to maintenance and payments collection.

    Know your users, set your tariffs and decide who pays and who don't. Get insights and take advantage from powerful marketing tools.

    Want to see how simple this is? Drop us a line and we'll call you back.

    It takes just a minute!

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